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Bridging the Gap Between S.L.C & +2

Many students do not seem to be aware of the long wait of 10 to 12 weeks between the SLC finals and the starting of the new 10+2 session. They suddenly realize they have nothing to do when they have finished the exams. Of course, visiting friends or relatives, loafing about with friends, going to the cinema, surfing the net for hours or simply passing the day doing nothing may be fun for a couple of days, but soon it will start getting into the nerves of the students as well as their parents What they should be doing in that period is to have fun as well as prepare for the courses or career they would like to get into.

Thanks to the private higher secondary schools, training institutions and Consultancies-Education that there are now many short term bridge courses in academics as well as skilled trades that the SLC appeared students can enrol for.

Here are some useful suggestions on how to utilize the time between SLC and 10+2:

1. Enrol for a bridge course in Higher Secondary Schools
Higher Secondary Schools nowadays have new specialized courses to prepare students for the higher secondary level studies in different disciplines like science and management. You will be required to pay some fees for the course, but if you look around you will find institutions which i will carry over that payment to the fees payable at the admission if you join the same institution | Thus, you get to study the bridge course free of cost.

2. Go for a short term language course suitable to your level in any language of your interest,. preferably the one that is going to be useful to you in your studies or vocation. There are many i language institutes that offer such courses in a number of languages from Chinese and Japanese. to English and French.

3. Enrol for a course in computer application. It will come handy no matter what you wish to study or do in your life.

4. Offer voluntary service to any social charity, or community organization. It will expose you to enriching and real life experiences. This will be a good addition to you resumes to increase your future prospects for admissions to good colleges or even scholarships and jobs.

5. Go for short term vocational courses in any trade from office management and book keeping to tailoring and electrical wiring and repairs etc. The various available options are listed elsewhere in this directory under the concerned heading. It might just open up a new avenue in your life.

6. Join the institution/training centres that cater to your hobbies and interests. For example, foi the lovers of dancing and music, swimming and athletics etc., there is no dearth of institutes providing short term courses. The ten to twelve weeks will give ample you time to learn the basics in a systematic manner, on which you can build up further in your own free time.


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