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Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB)

1 Introduction

Higher Secondary Education Act, which came into effect in 1989 AD. The Board is involved in running the 10+2 system in the country. Nepal National Commission of Education 1992 recommended the importance of the 10+2 structure in the education system and viewed it as the first step towards specialization. However, it was felt that the 10+2 structure should essentially focus on the need for addressing middle level manpower requirements and for imparting necessary knowledge and skills to those students who want to continue their education at the undergraduate level.

2 Objectives

The objectives of Higher Secondary Education are:


  • To prepare students for the world of work especially in meeting middle level manpower requirements in different fields.
  • To prepare students for general higher education and for professional disciplines.



3 Rationale

Creating opportunities for graduates of secondary education to pursue higher study is the main intent of the Higher Secondary Education System. However, various other factors in favor of this educational system are mentioned below:


The 10+2 system is characteristically democratic because, with the opening of 10+2 schools, the SLC pass students in rural areas do not have to miss out further education due to the difficulty of access. Students aiming for higher education can study in their own surroundings.

This system is basically oriented to addressing the issue of equity in higher education with emphasis on creating a congenial environment for girls and for deprived and disadvantaged groups of people getting this level of education.

Relevant curricula, quality text materials and the involvement of qualified teachers for effective instructional processes are the major emphases of the 10+2 system. Judged from this standpoint, this system will be successful in producing people with high potentials needed for all-round national development.

Since SLC pass students are still rather immature, they should not be making firm decisions about higher studies independently, the 10+2 system provides them with constant guidance and counseling services.

A school is greatly strengthened by older students who can give a lead and example to younger students and the whole intellectual ethos of the school is improved. Similarly, the universities will be greatly improved by having more mature undergraduates who have learned to study by themselves and think critically and clearly.

The 10+2 structure is significant in bringing about uniformity between educational structures of Nepal and other Asian countries, especially SAARC member states.


4 Functions

  • The main functions of the HSEB are as follows:
  • Granting approval for +2 schools.
  • Developing and revising curricula and textbook materials.
  • Conducting examinations and publishing results.
  • Awarding certificates to higher Secondary School graduates.
  • Supervising and monitoring Higher Secondary School programs.
  • Implementing plans and programs for improving Higher Secondary Education.
  • Recruiting technical, professional and administrative staff.
  • Designing and implementing training programs for +2 school teachers and other staff.
  • Conducting seminars and workshops.
  • Undertaking research activities, which focus on various issues in this field.
  • Keeping liaison with various national and international institutions.


5 Affiliation

The HSEB may grant affiliation to an HMG recognized secondary school or an institution willing to open a Higher Secondary School under specified condition relating to physical facilities, qualified teachers, adequate number of students, financial provision, etc. The HSEB till December 1999 affiliated 504 higher secondary schools.

6 Examination 

The office of the Controller of Examinations of the HSEB administers the final examinations. Certificates are awarded to those candidates who duly pass the final examination.

Source: HSEB, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur



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