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interviews with students

Smita Pandey
(Student of Calss XI)

Sarobar Kasaju
(SLC Passed)

Rajan basnet
(Student of BBS)

Sanchita Subedi
(Student of Calss XI)

Interview with Smita (Shanti) Pandey, a 18 year old girl studying science in Advanced Academy.

Q. Are you satisfied with the course you chose? Why?

Not at all. Science is an interesting subject but you really need to work hard to

obtain good marks. You've to be devoted all the time only in studying. Giving time to other activities is not possible. It's not that much tough subject but one needs to give extra time. Giving time for me was not possible because I wanted to enjoy my life along with my studies. Study was not my first priority. So I couldn't handle it. Now I realize that before choosing any subject you have to think many times.

Q. Why did you choose science?

Science was my favorite subject from my school life. There were three choices for me after SLC - Science, Commerce & Humanities. I didn't like commerce. Nobody supported me to choose Humanities. So I had only one choice left. My elder brother also wanted me to study Science because he himself is studying medicine. So I decided to choose Science.

Q. Did you think of switching back to other faculty?

Yes, I did in the beginning of my classes because I found the course to be very different from the school course. I was very much scared to study. I didn't want to give all of my time to study. Along with studies I wanted to do other extra activities which was not possible. My other friends who chose other subject were very much satisfied with their subject. They were enjoying their life and I was very much jealous of them. I also wanted my life like that but that didn't happen. So I once thought of switching back to other faculty.

Q. Now you have already completed your 11 class will you continue science in 12 or would you like to change faculty and start from the beginning?

No. I won't. Whatever happened last year was not good. But no matter what, I'll now give my first priority to study. I'm glad that I've decided to change my college and continue studying science. I don't want to loose my precious one year by changing faculty.

Q. What's the reason behind switching college?

Well, I'm not happy at all with my college because I had lots of expectations from that college but all the expectations went in vain. I don't want to say but my whole one year was like a hell. The college alone is not responsible for making me take this decision. Yes, there are a few good things about my college. The teachers are very good, however, the management is very poor. The way they treat the students and parents is not appreciable. The environment of the class was also very bad.

Q. Have you thought of any college to join?

Yes. A few of my good friends who are happy with their college has suggested me to join their college. I'll most probably join them and I'm very sure that all my expectations will be fulfilled this time.

Q. Do you have anything to tell the students who are in dilemma in choosing the right course and college?

I suggest all the students to think very carefully before making any decisions. I hope this website will help a lot to make the right decision.


Interview with Sarobar Kasaju, a 17 year old boy, who just passed his SLC Examinations.

Q. What have you decided to study and why?

I'm going to study Management with computer science. This will help me to develop business skills which I later need in my profession.

Q. Are you getting enough support from your family members to study Management?

My parents still wants me to study science. But I know I've to work very hard if I study science. I won't be able to do anything besides studying if I take Science. My brothers suggests me either to take humanities or management because they know I'm not hardworking.

Q. Have you chosen any college? If yes, on what basis did you choose?

I've not decided yet. But I'll choose the college which is near from my home. The college should be a reputed one. I'll finally see if there's any chance of getting scholarship.

Q. Do you have anything to say?

I had a very bad experience in my school,V.S. Niketan, at the time of SLC examination. I including nine other friends were not allowed to appear in the SLC exam from our own school just because school feared we would not secure first division in SLC. School made us choose other school for exam at the final hour. All this was done so that the school could achieve cent percent first division in SLC result which they will eventually use to advertise their school. I have come to know of several other schools who do the same. Government should take an immediate step to stop this kind of practice.


Interview with
Rajan Basnet, a student of BBS, who switched his faculty after completing his ISc.

Q. What's the reason behind switching faculty after finishing your ISc?

I couldn't obtain good percentage to advance my career in science. If I had obtained good marks I would definitely continue to study Science.

Q. Was it your negligence in studies that led to poor marks?

No. It was my wrong decision to choose a government college to study science. The college was not suitable to study Science because the teachers were not serious, as well as the modern practical appliances needed for the study of science was not available. And above all, most of the students were involved in politics.

Q. Do you have anything to say?

There should be special counseling service that will help the students to select the right course and college. Future students will then do not have to regret on the decisions they make in choosing the college and course. I'm sure the students will benefit a lot from afterslc.com


Interview with Sanchita Subedi, a 17 year old girl studying science in Nobel Academy.

Q. Why did you choose science for your study?

I aspire to become an Aeronautical Engineer; after passing my twelfth grade I plan to go abroad for further engineering studies.

Q. Did you take this decision solely on your own?

Yes, but I was little confused whether I could do it or not. But when my dad supported me, I felt confident.

Q. Some students say it is tough to study science
compared to other streams. What do you think?

Oh! No. Science is easier to study than management if it is studied regularly. The thing is one should make a proper time schedule and study.

Q. Do you have any suggestion for the SLC passed students who are looking for colleges?

Some colleges are quite strict on discipline while others are not, so students should choose college according to their need. Students should know about college's academic status. The most important thing is teachers, how experienced are they and how is their teaching style. To know about teachers, it is a good idea to contact the old students of the college.

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