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The Right Course

Many students do not realize that choosing the right course to study is just as important as getting the right job. Most of them are greatly influenced by their friends' choice and thus make the mistake of following their friends' choices to enroll in the same course to be with their friends. Sure, it would be fun to study with your friends but in the long run, it is the course and not your friends, which is important in determining your future.

On the other hand, there are some students who are so confused by the choices that they leave it to their parents to make the decisions. To a certain aspect, it may be right to ask your parents' decisions but you have to keep in mind that you are the one who will be studying the course, not your folks. Your parents can give you advice but you have to like the course in order to study for it. Furthermore if you have a liking for the course, you will enjoy the process of studying it.


Another important thing is to make a note of your ambitions before you pick a course. If you have always wanted to be a doctor you should follow your dream and study medicine and not enroll yourself in an engineering faculty just because your friends are all going to be engineers. The best thing is that you should have a long-term goal in your mind about what job would you like to do after you graduate.


The choice of course should also depend on the factor of whether the course will be useful to you when you graduate. You could survey around about the course from the previous graduates. Check with the lecturers about the subjects and most importantly find out if the course is recognized globally. You wouldn't want to enroll in a new course, which is not known at all in the industry. I'm sure you would want to use those skills you picked up in the course when you go out to work, so do investigate and know about the course before you enroll.


Another factor, which aids in your choice of course is your skills. If you are weak in Mathematics, you should know that a course which would require you to be a whiz in that subject could spell trouble for you. Know your strengths. If you are good in English and have always fancied yourself as an English teacher, how about taking up the course that would allow you to specialize in English?


Some students tend to pick courses which they feel are easier and shorter. For example, your pal could say that the engineering course is too tough and that it is relatively longer than the business course. Hearing that, you decide to take his advice and pick the business course over the engineering course. This is one mistake that you will be doing. Your choice of course should rely on your interest and ability and not on whether the course is short or easy.

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