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Training Opportunities in Nepal

In order to address the growing need of the junior and middle level skilled technical manpower in the ervice, technological and manufacturing sectors of the country, the government adopted a policy of ncouragement and incentive to training providers in the governmental, non-governmental and even private sector during the past few decades. This was also necessitated by the ever-growing rate of unemployment among the youths, particularly the school and junior college graduates and dropouts.

Therefore, in 1989, an apex body of technical and vocation education and training, CTEVT (Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training) was constituted with the objective of formulating policies, ensuring quality, coordinating all training related stakeholders, and facilitating the training programs to produce basic and middle level skilled human resources. CTEVT itself, too, conducts training programs of varied length and nature and, acts as an affiliating and certifying institute.

The young students who cannot make it to the university for various reasons have now the opportunity of getting trained in a particular trade or receiving some technical education within the country. The duration and the cost of these programs vary according to the nature of the program from as low as 2-3 weeks and a couple of hundred rupees to 2-3 years and 15,000 - 20,000 rupees respectively. There are, at present, more than 600 vocational training and technical education institutes spread throughout the country. The majority of them are, however, located in big towns and cities. The minimum entry level for most of their programs is a Lower Secondary Certificate |class viii passed ) or the SLC.

The 13 sectoral areas and the specific fields in which they provide short-term and medium-term training are listed below:

Agriculture : Agriculture/Veterinary-Service, Agro-business, Cash crop. Entomology, Fruits, Harvesting, Irrigation and use of Manure, Pests, Plant protection. Seed i production, Seedling, Soil and Veterinary.

Computer :
Computer application, Repair and Maintenance, Software development, i Hardware Maintenance.

Construction : Bridge, Building, Hydropower, Irrigation, Roads and water supply.

Education : Literacy classes and Language training.

Electricity : Repair, Wiring and General.

Electronics : Audio-visual equipment. Consumer electronics. General electronics and Household electronic appliances.

Energy : Battery, Bio-gas, Diesel power plant, Hydro-power plant. Solar power and Wind power.

General Services: Barber, Beauty-parlor, Communication, Computer Training, Household, Driving, Entrepreneurship/Management, Music and Dance, Tailoring, Leather goods repair. Press operator, Painting, Photography, Media and Community development.

Health : Health workers, Lab technicians and Medical equipment technician.

Tourism : Cook, Hotel management. Jungle & Wildlife, Rafting, Restaurant and Trekking.

Manufacturing : Agriculture produce processing. Bakery and Confectionary, Carpets and Rugs, Cement and Cement products. Chemical product, Clay and Ceramic, Electric apparatus. Electronic goods. Footwear, Forest Product, Household appliances, Leather product. Liquor, Livestock feed. Handicraft, Machinery and Equipment, Musical instrument, Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco product. Wooden furniture. Plastic & Glass, Printing and Publishing, Pulp and Paper, Rubber products. Soap, Detergents, Perfumes, Soft drinks. Stationery, Stone product, I Sugar, Textile and others,

Mechanical : Auto mechanical, Electro mechanical, Fitter Operator, Setter and General

Sanitation : Drinking water supply, Plumbing, Sanitary apparatus fittings, Water supply and Environment engineering and Water supply and Sanitation engineering.

There are also some governmental and non-governmental (NGOs and INGOs) training providers, which offer training packages related to their scope and nature of work. Their programs are usually meant for the target groups but can sometimes be open to the public too.

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