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You and your academic career

You, the student, and to a great extent, your parents, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the education system, are responsible for the kind of educational program or institution you choose. The institution one attends has undoubtedly far-reaching impact on one's career, sometimes which goes on to shape even one's destiny. Occasionally, we hear of people being offered positions of power or honor on the strength of their alma-mater connections. We sometimes see some senior politicians or even intellectuals flaunting their school or college ties or badges on special occasions. Such incidents and many other pragmatic social considerations at times prompt a student and his/her parents to choose a particular program or institution blindly. And, much later the student realizes he/she has landed nowhere but on a wild goose chase.

Therefore, you, the chief participant and beneficiary of the educational process, must know yourself first what kind of student you have been and aspire to be, what kind of person you are and wish to see yourself to be, what kind of career attracts you and you have the aptitude and potential for, and then move on to find out which institutions offer the program or the kind of education you want and whether you have the right credentials, potentials and resources they demand. These are some of the fundamental questions, which every student and preferably his/her parents must try to answer before selecting a program or an institution. However, it is definitely not an easy task, and you should not hesitate to consult your friends, teachers, libraries, and resources centers and even seek help from counselors and academic advisors.

It is good to make a good beginning from the beginning. Try to make an objective and, if possible comparative, assessment of your grades and achievements for a minimum period of 5 years of study till date. This will highlight the prominent areas of your academic strength and weakness and give you, if not a full insight, a strong indication of your future prospects in an academically challenging subject, stream or career. Think introspectively, consult your confidents, analyze your activities and working habits, and try to figure out what type of personality you possess.

The following table will help you to some extent in your self-assessment and decision of a prospective career:


Type of Personality
Attitudes & Preferences
Prospective Career
Mechanical personality
Aggressive; prefers activities requiring skill, strength and coordination.
Technical, mechanical, engineering and the like.
Investigative personality
Ruled by head, not heart; scientific approach; prefers activities requiring thinking, organizing and coordinating.
Research oriented careers in science, law, education or any academically rigorous discipline.
Social personality
Friendly; prefers interpersonal interaction rather than intellectual or physical activities.
Service oriented careers including journalism, foreign service, politics, public service, business.
Conventional personality
Perfectionist attitudes; prefers rule-regulated activities and enjoys routine work
Accounting, finance, banking and the like.
Enterprising personality
Sensitive; prefers activities requiring creativity and self-expression.
Art. painting, music, theater, writing and the like.
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